Meeting yourself in the labyrinth

For centuries people have believed that labyrinths hold a healing force. It is one of the oldest symbols of humanity with a history of at least 3000 years. More and more labyrinths are being made around the world in search of and making new potent places.

In May 2010 a gothic labyrinth was made here in Valgums.

People tend to ask whether there is a distinct aura here. Yes, here we have an energetically pure, lightly magical place, because it is made with good intentions and love and is beautifully blessed.

Our labyrinth has a similar design as the floor labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in Northern France. The only difference is the middle ornament – in the Cathedral the middle is like a flower, whereas in the middle of our labyrinth some days the sky glances down on itself.

The twin sister of our labyrinth is located in Gardens of the World, Berlin.


There is only one way to the center. 11 circles, 28 turns: the trail is insidiously short. It changes directions in some places, but it never crosses itself. The path is 390m long to the middle and the same length back.

Take your time! This is the place to calm your mind and come in contact with yourself – your feelings and thoughts.

Meekly letting yourself pace droningly the realization that you are seemingly not coming closer to the center but going around in circles fades away. The hazard of searching, haste and impatience are not the best walking companions here because not only the goal is beautiful, but the road to it as well.

The labyrinth doesn’t ask:

Are you going in the right way?

The labyrinth asks:

Are you going?


The classical labyrinth is still in progress. That is the reason for vividness and happiness here. In Valguma pasaule this is the labyrinth of good intentions.

Stop your wish to control and analyze – it is not necessary. Enjoy the every step of the walk: 232m to the centre and the same length back.

It is very important to go back the exact same way! Rolling out the thought, feeling the emotion to the end and not leaving it unexplored.


Consume strength, make peace with yourself! Enjoy the calmness and revelations provided by the labyrinth!

Developed by "VERSUS PRO"