Barefoot trail

Here you can enjoy exciting walks that are relaxing and full of surprises at the same time.

The trail consists of different kind of materials:

pebbles, boulders, millstones, moss, cones, beach sand, reeds, woodchip, rough pine-tree bark, white clay, wet peat in the shade of the trees, sun-warmed gravel, soft and rain soaked grass and you can even walk through refreshing river water if desired.

There is an optional health ritual of relaxing SPA bath for your feet and herbal tea for your mind after finishing the barefoot trail. Please apply for the ritual atleast a day in advance.



Barefooth and art trail


Adults 7,-€ 5,-€
Seniors and pupils 5,-€ 5,-€
Preschool children, who enter path with parents free of charge 5,-€

Groups over 10 people have to book in advance – over phone or e-mail.

Welcome to season 2020!

Rules of the barefoot trail:

* Enter the path ONLY barefoot. Shoes may even turn out to be dangerous or can be easily lost.

* If you are visiting with your four-legged friend, we advise to take a walk on different path or leave your loved friend with someone who is not entering the path.

* Strollers are not allowed on the trail, but children are safe to walk on their own, however infants can be easily carried in your hands/sling.

Why you should walking barefoot on different kinds of natural materials? It gives you several benefits:

* strengthens your immune system

* stimulates blood circulation and improves health of your heart

* normalizes blood pressure,

*gives you energy from the earth

* strengthens leg muscles and joints

* reduces cramps in calf muscles

* releases tiredness from your legs

* reduces headaches

* helps to find your inner balance

* boosts physical and emotional well being

* relaxes and opens your mind

* gently activates nerves in your feet, which can favourably affect the entire body

After approx. 3000m walk, feet will pleasantly tingle and become very warm even in chilly day. You will feel fresh and energised, all problems and stress will be left behind and your mind will be ready for new ideas.

Developed by "VERSUS PRO"